MIFNA Members’ Survey (electronic survey)

Responses to question 1: What is the ONE thing that MIFNA should START doing?

Responses can be categorized into the following themes:

  1. Doing great as it is, don’t change anything
  2. Activities
  3. Fundraising
  4. Community center
  5. Organization and membership
  6. Other – no comment

Below are members’ responses to question:

A) Doing great as it is, don’t change anything # of responses
  1. Continue doing what MIFNA has been doing best.
  2. Everything seems in place.
  3. Do as what you guys have been doing all this while.
  4. Nothing. It’s already more than expected.
  5. They are doing everything that needs to be done.
  6. MIFNA has so far done an excellent job.
  7. Don’t change anything.
  8. Just keep up with good community work.
  9. You’re doing well.
  10. Nothing.
  11. MIFNA has done an excellent job to bring the community together. Tahniah MIFNA Board of Directors and all MIFNA members.
  12. MIFNA is doing fine as is.
  13. I think they have done a great job for the community thus far. Keep up the good work.
  14. MIFNA has been doing an awesome job; cannot think of anything else that MIFNA should start doing. Thank you MIFNA!
B) Activities 35
  1. More gatherings in the Valley area.
  2. Any projects that can reach out to the community..help with social benefit/educational.
  3. Maybe they should hold a cooking competition or Miss or Mrs MIFNA Queen night.
  4. Community volunteer events.
  5. Expand collaboration and outreach to the local member communities and other service organizations. Also more member recognitions.
  6. Mawlidur Rasul.
  7. Ladies coffee day.
  8. Team building events
  9. More family outing.
  10. Kids Islamic studies (in addition to Quran reading).
  11. Family Fun Day.
  12. Feed the homeless.
  13. Continue with family day, where children can attend.
  14. Invite talk from renowned scholars like sheikh Hamza or Imam Zaid Shakir.
  15. Public functions.
  16. Networking with other Malaysian related associations around the US and around the world. This will encourage exchange of information etc. Also there’s possibilities of arranging visits too. Otherwise I think MIFNA is great!
  17. Al-Quran classes.
  18. Having a Family Day at a camp for 2/3 days so members have better chance to know each other.
  19. More gatherings for ceramah ugama especially in Ramadan.
  20. Organize more family fun events.
  21. Bazaar food day.
  22. Garage sale.
  23. Once in a while conduct activities outside of LA greater area.
  24. Student Exchange program between Los Angeles and Kuala Lumpur (KL). Hosting students for 2 weeks to a month during the summer to improve relations and exchange by sending our US-Malaysian students there.
  25. Conduct more events to unite fellow countrymen.
  26. More culture activities.
  27. Conduct monthly Malaysian Customs/Heritage/Education classes for MIFNA younger members/children.
  28. More gatherings.
  29. Resume Family Day event.
  30. Family Day.
  31. Organise Qiamulail and Sahur Beramai2.
  32. Bahasa classes.
  33. Help bring in hard-to get Malaysian products like kicap cap kipas, baju Melayu, bau kurung etc…
  34. More social events that get people together.
  35. Organizing more learning sessions.
C) Fundraising 9
  1. Collect goods, clothes or reusable items from members and donate to local charities or mosques.
  2. Improved fundraising event. More collection means better future event.
  3. More interfaith fundraising and fun fair.
  4. More Fundraising.
  5. Having some fundraising activities such as family day or sports game.
  6. To implement annual membership at a minimum amount. This will help to fund MIFNA activities too.
  7. Fundraising.
  8. Raise fund to find a church or place on sale for our masjid…or a place of our own bring the ummah together for gathering…
  9. Start collecting minimal Annual membership fee to support the organization.
D) Community center 5
  1. Start automatic monthly fund-raising for purchase of small piece of land to build our own HALL.
  2. Establish a team to plan and coordinate Donation Drive to build MIFNA Madrasah in 1-2 years time.
  3. Approach possible patrons to get a more permanent location for meetings/prayers/activities.
  4. Plan for a community center.
  5. Looking for our own place such as a Hall or center where MIFNA can use day-in-out and also rent it out. Find those donators that need tax deductible purposes. MIFNA approaching 10 years already and still does not have the basic for us to meet, as a center for all.
E) Organization and membership 5
  1. Be more inclusive and egalitarian among the members; all members.
  2. MIFNA should get more students involved.
  3. Have a more robust website.
  4. Elect different leadership.
  5. Create member’s contact list (with their approval) and post in on the website.
F) Other 27
  1. No comments.
  2. No comments at this time.
  3. Not sure.
  4. I have no idea at the moment.
  5. No suggestions.
  6. N/A


Responses to question 2: What is the ONE thing that MIFNA should STOP doing?

Responses can be categorized into the following themes:

  1. Nothing to stop. Don’t stop what you are doing
  2. Suggestions of what to stop
  3. Suggestions of activities to start.
  4. Other

Below are members’ responses to question 2 (summarized):

A) Nothing to stop. Don’t stop what you are doing. # of responses
  1. None (12 responses).
  2. Nothing (10 responses).
  3. Nil (2 responses).
  4. My MIFNA experience has been pleasant and nothing should be stopped.
  5. Whatever they do is just great, well done & great organizer. We love to be around everyone, just like a great big family. Thank you.
  6. Nothing to stop.
  7. Don’t change anything.
  8. Good work so far.
  9. Don’t stop all the program that MIFNA have right now.
  10. So far so good, I do not see anything that they should be stop doing.
  11. Not that I could think off. I have n o problem with MIFNA programs. They have done a good job.
  12. MIFNA is doing just fine.
  13. MIFNA have done an excellent job to bring the community together in Southern California. I wish the Malaysian community in the northern California as well as other states in the western region could do the same. InshaaAllah.
  14. MIFNA is doing good all these while… no comment.
  15. Very grateful with services MIFNA have provided all these years for community. Keep up the good work.
  16. Nothing. Don’t stop doing what you are doing now.
  17. Continue the good work.
  18. Nothing I can think right now.
  19. Nonething to stop. Carry the torch and let it light all the way…sometimes MIFNA make a mistake..but learn from it as a group and keep moving forward base on MIFNA goals that is stated in the By law. Good luck new elected one – keep it alive and active as always… May Allah bless u all.
  20. I’m fine with everything that MIFNA has done.
  21. Nothing! You guys are awesome. Thanks for feeding us!
  22. Can’t think of anything. Sorry!
  23. Keep up the good work.
  24. MIFNA has been organizing all its functions well. Therefore there is nothing that MIFNA needs to stop doing.
  25. None that I can think of.
B) What to stop: 8
  1. Not keeping only to favor one side.
  2. Gossips.
  3. Stop canceling popular annual activities (i.e. Annual Picnic).
  4. Stop cancelling regular activities that members look forward to, like annual Picnic.
  5. Trying to please certain groups.
  6. Dividing by groups.
  7. Talking about religion.
  8. Relying on same set of people to run its activities.
C) Suggestion of activities to start: 2
  1. Inviting Leaders of other Denomination to come to our function to give a talk, so that members of MIFNA will be aware and respect of other Beliefs.
  2. Renting space and consider purchasing a hall.
D) Other: 39
  1. Not sure.
  2. No comments.
  3. No comments at this time.
  4. Idk (I don’t know)
  5. No comment.
  6. Unsure.
  7. I dunno.
  8. N/A

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