Annual Activities

Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Gathering

Every year, MIFNA organizes solat Aidil Fitri and Raya brunch for all its members and friends.  Venue of the event changes from year to year depending on hall availability and budget for the year. Main entrees and drinks are provided, but members and friends may bring desserts or kuih raya to be shared. Donations for hall and food expenses are most welcomed.

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MIFNA Fundraising Event (Family Day and Fundraising Dinner)

Every year MIFNA organizes at least one fundraising event either in the form of a family day in the park or a fundraising dinner at a banquet hall.


Family Day

Family Day is a day full of good food and fun games for all its members, friends and their families. This event is usually held at a public park, and the park venue changes from year to year. Favorite Malaysian dishes, drinks and desserts are sold, fun games for both adults and children are held, baskets to be raffled off, prizes to be won, jumper for the smaller kids and so much more. We very much welcome volunteers and donors for this event.

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Fundraising Dinner

Our fundraising dinner is held at a banquet hall and includes dinner and entertainment. Raffle tickets are sold for guests to win gift cards, prizes and gift baskets. An auction is also held for pricier items such as an airline ticket. Guests can have their photos taken by our professional photographer during this event for a small donation. Tickets for the event are sold by seat or table. Donations and sponsorships are much needed for this event.

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Iftar (Buka Puasa) and Taraweeh prayers during Ramadhan

During the holy month of Ramadhan, MIFNA organizes iftar and solat taraweeh every Saturday for all its members. Members volunteer to host these events, and since our members are scattered all over Southern California, each iftar is held in a different zone (Los Angeles County, Orange County, Inland Empire and San Diego).

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Maulid ur Rasul (Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday Celebration)

MIFNA organizes a Maulid ur Rasul celebration every year, in joint collaboration with the Consulate General Office of Malaysia, Los Angeles.  Event includes lunch, recitations of Quranic verses, nasyeed presentations and a short talk by a guest speaker.

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Hari Raya Hajji/Aidil Adha Gathering and Qurban

Every year MIFNA organizes Qurban for members who are interested.  Qurban meat is brought from the abattoir to the event location and it is then cut up, divided and distributed to all our members. A portion of the meat is cooked on site and served to all guests as part of our Aidil Adha lunch. Cutting and cooking of the meat are all done by our MIFNA members in the true Malaysian spirit of ‘gotong royong’. Guests are invited to bring appetizers and desserts to the gathering.

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Annual Golf Outing

Every spring, MIFNA organizes a fun golf outing, not just for serious golfers but also to those interested in trying out their golf swing. Format is individual or 2 player scramble.  Fees include green fees, a free MIFNA golf shirt and lunch. Trophies and prizes are awarded at the end of the event. Donors are welcome to sponsor our shirts, trophies and prizes.

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