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  • The club started in 2004 as a loose group of Malay, Muslim women (from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia) in southern California meeting once a month to listen and read the translation of the Qur’an.
  • Meeting is usually held on a Saturday from 12-5 pm and includes lunch (potluck) and tea.
  • Host of the meeting is rotated among club members.
  • The meeting facilitator prepares and brings reading materials to the meeting.
  • There is no membership fee or prerequisites to attend the meeting other than a sincere desire to find out for ourselves what “the Qur’an is all about”.
  • Please contact meeting facilitator, Hasnah Hamdan (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you want to be added to the LQC mailing list.


In their own words:

  1. “Mengeratkan silatulrahim with all sisters and menimba ilmu yang sometimes we thought we know but cuma sedikit”.
  2. “To remind us what’s important in life, and re-learning the beauty of the Qur’an”.
  3. “(Speaking for myself) – encouraging me to read the books and do more research.  w/o:Malas!”
  4. “Ilmu itu luas seperti air di lautan, never enough to learn and relearnt again especially in Agama.  So soothing and so welcoming this Qur’an class”.
  5. “The class teaches and reminds me that Islam is a gentle and kind religion.  It is also very interactive as members share our experiences as new and old information are explored.  A must try!”
  6. “The class develops my knowledge about Islam and closer bonding among the group”.
  7. “LQC – A group of wonderful ladies who study the Qur’an to discover its beauty and meaning to each individual.  We try to apply what we learn to become better human beings.  Discussion is conducted in an honest, sincere and non-judgmental manner”.
  8. “Menderkatkan tali persahabatan. I really enjoy the group.  Menarikkan (membawa) kita ke jalan yang benar”.
  9. “I really enjoy this class, and learn all about Qur’an and want to learn more about Qur’an, and Islam.  TY Dr. HH.  You’re doing SUPER job!”
  10. “Apart from create great bonding with friends far and near, this class opens my eyes and heart to the beauty of Islam and definitely a better understanding of the holy Qur’an”.

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