Aqiqah Services

To request assistance from MIFNA for Aqiqah (thanksgiving for the birth of a child) please use the following procedure:


  1. Booking/Reservation
    1. Contact Sulaiman Abbas at 626-708-1899 (cell phone).  Leave message or text him.  He needs 4 weeks advance notice from date of planned Aqiqah.


  1. Price
    1. Price of the animal to be slaughtered is based on market price.  The 2013 price is ~$300 for a goat, lamb or sheep.  This includes slaughtering, cutting, logistics, etc.  Whole cow is also available.  Check with Sulaiman for latest market price.


  1. Payment
    1. Payment must be made in full when making the reservation.  Please write check to Sulaiman Abbas and mail check to Sulaiman (he will provide mailing address). Booking of animal with the slaughterhouse will not be finalized until the check is received and cleared for payment.


  1. Meat Cut
    1. Members have the option of how they prefer the meat to be cut up.  It can be cut into small or large pieces, chops, or roast.  Please specify also if you would like any of the animal organs.
    2. Another option is to donate all the meat to the poor or masjid.  This can also be arranged.


  1. Collection of Meat
    1. Member must make arrangement with Sulaiman to collect meat from Sulaiman’s house.  He will not deliver to your home unless it is within a 6 mile radius of his house.  All meat will be stored in his freezer until collected.

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