The new MIFNA Board of Directors held a meeting on April 10, 2009 in Long Beach, CA at the residence of MIFNA’s new president, Ishak Japar.

Summary of the meeting and action items:

The structure of the board was defined and tasks and responsibilities of the Vice President (Fauzi Zainal), Treasurer and 3 directors were determined:

1.    Event  planning                                                 Fauzi Zainal
2.    Treasurer                                                          Rina Faisal
3.    Membership directory and member liaison:   Nor Sharif
4.    Social and welfare activities:                          Sulaiman Abbas
5.    Fundraising activities and events:                  Zaiful Hashim*

The Board also appointed ex-officio members for the following functions:

6.    Publicity and Communication:                        Hasnah Hamdan
7.    Malaysian Consulate liaison and religious affairs:    Rasli Muda
8.    Malaysian Students Dept liaison:                  To be determined

*In July 2009, Mr Zaiful Hashim resigned from the Board due to other commitments.  The Board appointed Dr Hasnah Hamdan to fill the vacated position.

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